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Five Tips for Pet Wellness this Fall

Fall is officially here and although it means pumpkins, colorful fall leaves and holiday festivities for many of us, for our pets it can mean extra shedding and unwanted fleas and ticks. Here are five tips to keep your pet as healthy and as happy as possible this autumn.

1. Get Out and Get Active
With summer humidity now gone and the temps falling, Autumn is the perfect time to get out and get active again with your pet. We all know winters in Indiana can be pretty brutal, so take advantage of these next few weeks and enjoy time outdoors with your pets. Head to a neighborhood park, go on a trail hike, or get out in our city to a pet-friendly cafe. We’ve already gathered some Downtown Indy Pet-friendly Dining Ideas for you! 

2. When in Doubt, Brush it Out
Have you noticed your pet shedding a lot more hair lately? Early fall means additional shedding because your pet is getting ready for a new cold weather coat. This shedding can equate to more pet hair on your furniture, on your clothing and all over your carpet or hardwoods. Make sure to brush your pet at least a couple of times a week to get rid of the unwanted hair before it the nooks and cranies. Or, schedule a de-shed treatment at Furr Pet Spa & Wellness. Furr’s de-shed treatment will allow your pet to feel lighter and fluffier and you’ll see a dramatic reduction in the amount of shedding noted at home.

3. Hide the Holiday Sweets
Over the next several weeks many of our homes will be filled with candies, cookies and sweet treats that are delicious for the holidays, but they can be very dangerous to our pets, if consumed. Make sure to kept holiday treats in a special place where your pets will not be able to find or reach them. Also, make sure the entire family is on board with the plan. If your pet happens to get a hold of some human treats, give one of our clinics a call immediately! 

4. Double Check Your Records
With summer officially over, the days are getting shorter and nights much cooler. This can also be a very scary time to lose your pet. If your pet is not microchipped, now is the time to do it! If your pet is already microchipped, it’s an ideal time to update your dog and cat ID records to ensure they are correct. If your pet needs a microchip, call our clinic and to make an appointment. The process is similar to a routine shot, only takes a few seconds, and no anesthetic is required. 

5. Protect Your Pet from Pests
As beautiful as autumn leaves appear, when they are piled upon one another, they can become a safe haven for fleas. Fleas prefer to gather away from bright sunlight in dark, humid places. To keep fleas at bay, rake up fallen leaves regularly. The same is true for ticks and tall grasses. Ticks love to climb up tall grasses and attach themselves to passing animals or humans. Mow your lawn regularly and trim back branches to keep ticks out of walking paths. Also, check your pets regularly for pests after walks in wooded areas. Of course, flea and tick preventatives are encouraged by our vets and are available at all of our animal clinics.

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