Is BRAVECTO® Flea and Tick Preventative a Good Option for Your Pet?

Warmer weather is on the rise and it’s a good time to make sure your pet is protected from fleas and ticks. Milder temperatures and increased humidity provide ideal conditions for survival and increased reproduction rates for both of these problem pests. Pet owners and their pets are more likely to encounter fleas and ticks during warm-weather walks or outdoor activities.

Both Mass Ave Animal Clinic and Fountain Square Animal Clinic recently started offering BRAVECTO®, a flea and tick preventative that comes as a flavored chewable for dogs and as a topical for cats. Why is BRAVECTO convenient? BRAVECTO offers a full 12 weeks of protection while other preventive provide protection for only one month. It is a great way to have peace of mind and not have to worry about the pesky parasites for three months.

Is BRAVECTO a Good Fit for Your Pet? 

Yes. If your pet spends time outdoors and could be in contact with fleas or ticks.

Yes. If your pet is over 6 months of age. Dogs must weigh over 4.4 lbs. and cats at least 2.6 lbs.

Yes. If your pet is in need of a flea and tick preventative to works in tangent with a heartworm preventative*. *Ask our team for the best heartworm preventative for your pet. 

Yes. If you are wanting a convenient year-round* flea and tick protection. (*4 doses = one year of prevention)

Have more questions? Talk to one of our veterinarians or vet technicians to find out if BRAVECTO is a good option for your dog or cat.

Now through April 30, 2017, for each dose of BRAVECTO purchased for your dog or cat, you’ll be entered to WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS to the 101 Running of the Indianapolis 500!


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