Stephanie H.

Stephanie the surgery nurse here at City Way Mass Ave. She has spent her life saving and caring for animals. As a Registered Veterinary Technician (RVT) since 2011, she combines her expertise with her unwavering commitment to providing the highest level of care to our furry friends.

She lives at home with her son who is her pride and joy in life and always keeps her on her toes. Beyond her professional endeavors, Stephanie’s love for animals extends to her personal life. At home, she’s surrounded by a menagerie of beloved pets, including dogs (Ruckus, Tails, and Abby), cats (Randy, Luna, Loci, Spino, Shibly, and Roo), horse (Alabama), goats (Randy and Carol), reptiles, as well as rescuing any pet or wildlife in need.

Her passions extend beyond animals. She finds joy in nurturing house plants and cultivating gardens, embracing the beauty of nature wherever she goes. When she’s not tending to her garden, Stephanie enjoys traveling to Evansville to spend quality time with her boyfriend, reading, watching her son’s sports teams, and being in the water.

With her compassionate heart and wealth of experience, Stephanie enriches our team and upholds our commitment to providing exceptional care to every animal that comes through our doors