Stephanie, Assistant MAAC


My name is Stephanie Paiz. I got into vet med for many reasons. One being all of the cute kiddos that come in and out of the clinics make my day! I also love being able to help owners and their pets with whatever they may be going through. I have known I was going to be in the vet med field since I was a little and I am happy I have finally made it in! I love working for city way because everyone is like family here, we can all depend on each other whether it’s work related or personal life related issues. In my free time I spend all my time with my dogs and cats. In the winter we love to cuddle from sun up to sun down and during the summer/spring/fall we absolutely love getting outdoors and finding some really cool nature parks to walk through. One fun fact about me is I absolutely love helping all of our nervous/anxious patients have a great experience while they are here! I myself have a nervous dog and am so glad we have always been able to get through vet appointments without anything traumatic happening!